St. Pius X - A Welcoming Catholic Community

Grades 7-12

The Church of St. Pius X Faith Formation Focus for Grades 7-12 are as follows:

Seventh Grade - Students will continue their study of the bible by focusing on the New Testament. Students will learn about the importance of the New Testament, the authors of the New Testament, the culture of the New Testament, and life of Jesus within the New Testament.

Eighth Grade - At an age when students are challenged to make crucial moral decisions, students will learn about morality within the context of the Catholic Church and how to live a Catholic moral life. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the Ten Commandments, sin, forgiveness, conscience, and virtues.

Ninth Grade - To begin preparation for Confirmation, the students will explore the central beliefs of the Catholic faith. Students will deepen their understanding of divine revelation, the Holy Trinity, the Church as a community, leadership of the Church, and the disciples of the Church.

Tenth Grade - Continuing their preparation for Confirmation, the students will understand the Rite of Confirmation, understand the meaning of church and the role of sacraments in their own life, understand the role of the Holy Spirit in their own lives and in the church. Students will also practice decision making as a Catholic Christian. Click here to read more about the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Confirmation Documents and Resources

2018-2019 Calendar

Confirmation Guidelines And Resource Packet

Sponsor Packet

Confirmation Candidate Forms

Sponsor Form - Due November 7th

Saint Name Form - Due January 30th

Parish Service Project Form - Due April 3rd

Community Service Project Form - Due April 3rd

Bishop Letter - Due April 3rd

1st Year Pilgrimage Permission Form - April 3rd