St. Pius X - A Welcoming Catholic Community

Parish Nurse

The Parish Nurse program was started in order to offer support to the varying health needs of our parishioners. Please contact the Parish Nurse Office at (507) 288-8238, Ext. 3515, if you or someone you know needs support. Although this does not include direct medical care, the parish nurse volunteers offer a variety of ministerial care.  A parish nurse will contact you.

  1. Respite Care - Trained volunteers will go in a home of a parishioner to allow the care-giving spouse an opportunity to leave the house. Often spouses of sick or disabled adults can't leave their loved ones home alone. The respite care volunteer offers short-term care while the spouse runs errands, goes to an appointment, or takes a much-needed break.

  2. Health Education - The Health Cabinet members provide education through pamphlets, and annual programming.

  3. Health Cabinet - The Health Cabinet meets once a month to discuss the health needs of the parish. Members may or may not have medical backgrounds.

  4. Home Visits - Nurses are available for counseling and spiritual support during times of illness, or recuperation.

  5. Blood Pressure Screening - On the 3rd Sunday of every month, the Parish Nurse Office is open both every Masses. The office is located in the north entrance of the church.

  6. Grief Support - Volunteers provide spiritual and emotional support to parishioners who have experienced the death of a loved one.

  7. Referrals:  Assess and refer to community resources as appropriate.