St. Pius X - A Welcoming Catholic Community

Adult Education


Adult Religious EducationWe offer a variety of adult education opportunities throughout the year for adults who wish to deepen their faith and grow in their spiritual life. These programs offer opportunities for faith enrichment to all interested Catholics.Learning and relearning about living life as a Christian Catholic in today’s world can be a fascinating experience and journey.

We offer enrichment programs in the Fall, Advent, Lent, and in early August.  We have had such offerings as book studies about Prayer, Pope Francis’ Encyclical: Laudato Si, Six Weeks with the Bible on Luke, Catching Fire Becoming Flame(spiritual transformation), several of Matthew Kelly’s books, A Biblical Walk Through the Mass, and such DVD/discussions about Advent and the Christmas Journey, Mary of Nazareth, The Letters: the Real Story of Mother Teresa, and the Catholicism  and Symbolon Series: the Catholic Faith Reviewed and Explained. Please look for Adult Ed. bulletin announcements / flyers and St. Pius X website around these seasonal times. Contact: Betty Renner at 288-8238 ext. 3515 or for more information or to sign up.


Bible StudiesWe are looking for many facilitators who would start up and take turns leading their particular group. Our goal is to have many bible studies ongoing though out this parish. Many groups could be formed according to age groups and interested persons such as: mom’s groups, men’s groups, young adult groups, married couples, singles, etc. They could study the upcoming Sunday Mass readings or a six weeks at time section of the scriptures according to the group’s choice.  Contact: Betty Renner at 288-8238 ext. 3515 or for training and materials.