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What is the Sacrament of

Reconciliation and Communion?


Reconciliation is a sacrament of healing in the Catholic Churc. 

  • It is called the sacrament of Penance, the sacrament of Reconciliation, the sacrament of Forgiveness, the sacrament of Confession, and the sacrament of Conversion. 
  • Since the new life of grace received in Baptism does not abolish the weakness of human nature nor the inclination to sin (that is, concupiscence), Christ instituted this sacrament for the conversion of the baptized who have been separated from him by sin.  

- The Catechism of the Catholic Church #1422-1426, 1484


Communion is the second of three Sacraments of initiation into the Catholic Church. The other two being Baptism and Confirmation. During Communion we receive the Eurcharist. The Eucharist is the very sacrifice of the Body and Blood of the Lord Jesus which he instituted to perpetuate the sacrifice of the cross throughout the ages until his return in glory. Thus he entrusted to his Church this memorial of his death and Resurrection. It is a sign of unity, a bond of charity, a paschal banquet, in which Christ is consumed, the mind is filled with grace, and a pledge of future glory is given to us.

- The Catechism of the Catholic Church #1322-1323, 1409


First Reconciliation and First Communion Preparation


First Reconciliation and First Communion Preparation is a one year commitment in the Diocese of Winona-Rochester. Preparation for the sacraments is done at the parish level and includes classroom instruction, prayer memorization, and a mini retreat for each sacrament. Preparation is typically done in 2nd grade with the sacrament conferred in the spring, but can be delayed if needed.


Children who have completed 2nd grade and/or have not been Baptised can Participate in individual sacrament prep Rite of Christian Initiation of Children (RCIC)


Adults wishing to prepare for these sacraments should inquire about Rite for Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA)


If I take religion classes at school should I still register at my parish?

YES! Sacramental preparation within your parish is required for Sacraments at St. Pius X. This preparation within the parish provides an atmosphere of community for those receiving the sacraments. Sessions are aimed to go beyond intellectual learning about the sacrament to preparing candidates' hearts and minds for the reception of the Sacraments and a faith life outside of the school.


What is required for Sacramental preparation? 

Classroom Sessions: Students will meet weekly for instruction, prayer, and practice on Wednesdays 6-7:00 pm. 

Other commitments: Students are expected to attend Mass regularly and attend two mini retreats prior to receiving each sacrament.

Cost: $60 which covers the cost of materials/retreats. Assistance available.

Registration is now open. Please contact the Faith Formation Coordinator for more information.

St. Pius X - A Welcoming Catholic Community