St. Pius X - A Welcoming Catholic Community

Nursing Home Eucharistic Schedules

Samaritan Bethany  on 8th                                                   August 2018 – December 2018           

Date       City   View     &      Rehab                                            Arbor   Terrace

8/4      Carol/Joe Hennessey                                                           Nancy McGee 

8/11    Kate LeBarron/Jim Small                                                     Char Robinet 

8/18    Marilyn Vail/Kate LeBarron                                                  Kathy Priem                                                                         

8/25    Dan/Rita McCoy                                                                   Arla Klimesh/Char Robinet                                                           

9/1      Carol/Joe Hennessey                                                           Kathy Priem                                                                                                      


9/8      Mary Lou B/Jim Small                                                           Char Robinet          

9/15    Marilyn Vail/Mary Lou B                                                      Char Robinet

9/22    Dan/Rita McCoy                                                                    Arla Klimesh/Mary Clare Doran

9/29    Carol/Joe Hennessey                                                            Nancy McGee


10/6     Mary Lou B/Jim Small                                                           Susan Gintz

10/13   Marilyn Vail/Kate LeBarron                                                   Kathy Priem

10/20   Dan/Rita McCoy                                                                  Arla Klimesh/Mary Clare Doran

10/27   Carol/Joe Hennessey                                                          Nancy McGee


11/3     Mary Lou B. /Jim Small                                                       Susan Gintz

11/10   Marilyn Vail/Kate LeBarron                                                Kathy Priem

11/17   Dan/Rita McCoy                                                               Arla Klimesh/Mary Clare Doran

11/24   Carol/Joe Hennessey                                                        Char Robinet


12/1     Mary Lou B./ Jim Small                                                 Susan Gintz

12/8     Marilyn Vail/Kate LeBarron                                           Kathy Priem                    

12/15   Dan/Rita McCoy                                                            Arla Klimesh/ Mary Clare Doran

12/22   Carol/Joe Hennessey                                                     Nancy McGee 

12/29   Mary Lou B./ Jim Small                                                   Susan Gintz


Samaritan Bethany                                                              Arbor Terrace  Ken Peters  282-6034

Kate LeBarron                         285-1982                              Char Robinet           282-0521

Dan/Rita McCoy                     289-8125                               Susan Gintz              288-9048

Mary Lou Bartholome            288-5640                               Mary Clare Doran  269-1493

Jim Small                                 269-5791                              Kathy Priem            282-5443

Marilyn Vail                            206-0431                               Arla Klimesh            536-3984

Carol/Joe Hennessey              288-8530                               Nancy McGee          990-7958

Please trade with someone or call Char or Ken if you need a sub.




Shorewood   Schedule                                                 October 2018--- March 2019

Communion Service & Rosary Wednesdays@ 10:00 a.m. 3rd  Wednesday Mass@ 11:00

     Oct.            3  -  Kate                                                                       Jan.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              2--Don

                       10-- Mike                                                                        9--  Luanne                                                                                          

                        17—Mass (St. Pius X Priest)                                        16-- Mass   

                        24 --Don                                                                         23--Kate

                        31—Luanne                                                                 30--Mike


        Nov.          7 --    Kate                                                    Feb.           6 ----Don

                        14 --    Mike                                                                     13 –Mike Sheehan

                        21--    Mass                                                                      20—Mass

                        28       Don                                                                        27--Kate


        Dec.        5 --Luanne                                                March       6-Luanne (Ash Wednesday)

                        12--Kate                                                                      13----Don

                       19 --Mass                                                                     20---Mass

                       26—No Service                                                           27-- Luanne


Luanne Koshire   292-7883         Kate LeBarron 285-1982

Mike Sheehan 288-3767             Don Lanners 282-5158

           Please sign out the pyx  and return it as soon as possible.  Wear name tags.  Please let me know if you do not have one.  Thank you for your generosity toward our senior citizens.      Betty Renner  (w) 288-8238    Ext. 3515,